Sentry Fail Safe Plus Berm

Patented Fail-Safe® Plus Berm

The patented Fail-Safe® Plus is an update of the original one-piece, drive-thru QuickBerm® spill containment berm. With the patented Fail-Safe® Plus spill berm, you are ready for spill containment in seconds. It is tough enough for the most stringent spill control and spill response requirements.

Description:  Fail-Safe® Plus Berm

The Fail-Safe® Plus is a natural line extension to Basic Concepts’ QuickBerm® spill berms. The Fail-Safe® Plus is designed to be deployed where tight turning radiuses exist. The lay flat design of the Fail-Safe® Plus offers the user the ability to drive onto the spill berm from any direction without damaging the side wall. Flotation along the side walls raises the walls up in the event of a spill. The lay-flat design is also advantageous in high wind areas.  The Fail-Safe® Plus is not recommended for use in wintery conditions such as snow and ice which can impede the floatation from rising the walls.

Features:  Fail-Safe® Plus Berm

  • No assembly or inflation.
  • One-piece construction.
  • Deploys in seconds.
  • Durable enough for drive-through.
  • Easily transported when folded.
  • Reusable.
  • Fuel and chemical resistant.
  • Custom sizes available.
  • Available in heavy-duty vinyl or polyurethane coated fabrics.

Image Gallery:  Fail-Safe® Plus Berm



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